What is a canonical link?

The rel=canonical element which is also often called the canonical link, is an HTML element that helps webmasters prevent duplicate content issues. It does it  by specifying what the canonical URL or the correct version of a web page is.

The idea is quite simple, imagine if you have several similar versions of the same content, you can then pick one canonical version and point the search engines at that. This solves the duplicate content problem where search engines don’t know which version of the content to show.

SEO benefit

Choosing the canonical url for the correct web version improves the SEO ranking for your site, as the crawler now knows that there is only once correct version and the rest will be treated as links to the link, so you avoid the so called duplicate content.

What is duplicate content?

Duplicate content is when you have the same content present on different pages on one website or multiple websites. Sometimes the duplicate content occurs unintentionally, for example when having a blog, the same post content can be created for the link https://www.studioweb.com.au/create-email-accounts and https://www.studioweb.com.au/tags/emails/create-email-accounts. This can be avoided by adding a canonical url for the former link, so that way the latter link will be just a link which the crawlers can then crawl without affecting the SEO ranking

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Check out the new website we have launched EarthWorm Reblocking, it’s a House restumping business, we developed the website for the client and packaged it with a CMS. We also offered PPC Adwords service for the client.

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Email Management

Managing your emails can be simple if you stick to the following criteria. Keep your emails short with today’s fast lifestyle most people check their emails on their phones or tablets so keep it under six sentences the most.

Don’t make it a priority by checking your email first thing in the morning, give your other important task a priority then check your mail. Do not respond instantly, phone calls are first when it comes to urgent matters so make your emails a second priority if it’s not urgent. If you get less than 30 emails a day,check your emails at various times of the day for example if it’s a 9 to 5 typical day you can check them at 10 am and later on at 3 pm. Respond to emails straight away do not leave them for later on, it is fine if you postponed it for one email but it is way too much if you leave 20 emails for later on the day.

When we use it appropriately, email is an incredibly useful communication tool. But, many of us feel overwhelmed by the amount of mail that we receive and need to respond to.  However, there are ways to manage your email so that you’re more productive. Make sure you stick to the 2 minute rule, if an email involves 2 minutes to read and reply back, then do it right there on the spot.

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